Purple Jewel Ladies Bracelet


Purple Crystals Inner 108 Outer White Crystals Square Design Item Measures 18cm Length 1.1cm Width

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Really elegant piece, Ladies Purple & White Crystal Bracelet – each inner featurette purple crystal is surrounded  with 4 white crystals – 27 purple crystals with 108 white crystals. Vivid colour that striking ability to glow and twinkle that is unrivalled. Feels amazing on the skin Don’t buy it if you don’t want  any attention , buy it if you want the attention, if you want to be noticed. Tips to Maintaining Your Jewellery: -Keep Away from chemicals -Do not wear it while bathing; -Avoid Collision, Rubbing or Bruising; -Avoid Sweat; -Place it into the box while not wearing it; -Not to wear it while sleeping; You have Nothing to lose We provide 30-day warranty and please email us if you have any questions.


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